Corporate Sponsorship

How can my business help?

Corporate Support

Perhaps you work for a large company that supports a national charity, but you and your colleagues would still like to support the Hospice. Why not become a corporate supporter?

As a Corporate Supporter we will provide opportunities to get involved and send you our regular Newsletter, but the amount of involvement you have is entirely up to you, and we will only recognise your support publicly if you wish us to.

Corporate Volunteering

If your company wishes to become more involved in the community, there are always opportunities for hands-on practical volunteer projects in support of the Hospice at our base in Darlington, and in our retail outlets and Logistics Centre.

We also have the opportunity for businesses to sponsor us for events throughout the year. Please get in touch to find out more, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact the Fundraising Team on 01325 254321 or email